LightPath Educational Center

Enrich your life and vitality to embody peace, harmony, and the unified healing of our world.


Explore the interface of science and metaphysics to deepen knowledge and application of Universal Principles of nature. Experience enhanced mental clarity and elevated states of consciousnes.


Experience the biorhythms of Nature in the wild and in cultivated gardens. Nourish your body with wholesome, organic food from our gardens. Enhance your physical fitness with Yoga, Tai Chi and dance.


Connect to the deepest source of knowledge and inspired experience of Truth & Wisdom. Renew your sense of peace and alignment with your purpose in life. Experience harmony and beauty, at one with Nature.

About LightPath Educational Center

Who We Are

LightPath is a center of learning, research, knowledge and wisdom to support the advancement of human consciousness. Our programs are based on new understandings in science, wisdom traditions and universal principles that govern harmonious, prosperous living.

What we do

Our goal is to establish LightPath as a center to integrate mind, body, spirit, and ecology in a powerfully functional way.

Our Dream

We hope to expand our offerings in the very near future.

Program Offerings
MorningStar Retreat Center
Non-Profit Structure

Become a Friend of LightPath

Friends of LightPath support our work illuminating paths to personal peace and harmonious living by providing invaluable hands-on assistance with events and outreach.

We welcome people and organizations whose expertise support our work in areas such as science, finance, education, health/wellness, architecture and global networking.


With your generous donations, we are able to keep our programs going.

We thank you for your support of LightPath!

Activity Gallery

See our Lightpath volunteers in action.