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Books By Ruth Miller, Ph.D
Ruth L. Miller, PhD, is fascinated by the ways humanity is becoming ever more aware of our basic spiritual nature. She has studied culture and consciousness for years, earning several degrees in the process, and also studies and practices metaphysical principles from an interfaith perspective. ☆ Click here to view Ruth’s books on Amazonor here for Ruth’s own Website, Unveiling Your Hidden Power, by Dr Ruth Miller, PhD Healing From Within, by Dr Ruth Miller, PhD Coming into Freedom, by Dr Ruth Miller, PhD
Books By Petra Nicoll
Petra Nicoll is the international bestselling author of The Billionaire: The Continuum, the first book in this popular three-part series. Her first book, Petra’s Ashes, was hailed as a “spellbinding memoir about her near death experience and the spiritual journey that followed.” ☆ Click here to view Petra Nicoll’s books on Amazon Petra's Ashes, by Petra Nicoll The Billionaire Continuum, by Petra Nicoll The Billionaire Soulmates, by Petra Nicoll
Book by Jim Pasmore

Jim Pasmore is author of Flash, A Life of Adventure Relived in 3 1/2 Seconds about exploring life and love from beyond the bounds of time and space. Based on a spiritual awakening after a near-death experience, the book details that for a brief flash in real-time, Jim existed for a lifetime in what was an awareness of a higher reality. In this out of body experience, Jim relived his entire life beyond the bounds of time and space. In each reliving experience a lesson was downloaded along with the question, “where did you show love?” Jim’s life path changed profoundly as a result of this near-death experience and led him to his current passion as a Unity Minister.

In addition to his love for exploration of spirit within, Jim feeds his love of adventure with frequent motorcycle trips and wilderness hikes around the USA and Canada. Jim has a backpacking trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge booked for 2021. After 50 years of international travel, Jim likes to think of himself as a global citizen.

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