Searching for land to build our Center

Searching for the optimum site to build LightPath’s MorningStar retreat is an exhilarating experience. Our focus is on biodiversity as a natural regenerative context for growing human consciousness. We loved the opportunity to share our visions and aspirations from the ground up.

Current plans are now exploring in alliance with two other local organizations (Unity of Central Oregon, and Desert Sky Montessori) the co-creation of a cross cultural educational campus, known as the One World Center, on the north end of Bend.

Seasonal Rites of Passage

When it was then possible to gather in person, before Covid-19, a few dozen friends came together in Bend’s beautiful Shevlin Park to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox on September 21, 2019.

We joined in the Rites of Passage that align us with the cycles of the sun and moon as an energetic gateway, as observed in many ancient and indigenous cultures.  As the path of the sun is exactly above the equator, and day and night are of equal length across the world, the Autumnal Equinox represents a profound time of balance and wholeness. Our ritual of creating a mandala was a joyful and timeless celebration of our connection with all of life.

We look forward to resuming our seasonal observances in person when the time is right.

Will Robots Take Over the World?

People often ask me questions like “will robots take over the world?” and “are you afraid of artificial intelligence?”. To the first I answer “yes, in the same way that automobiles and airplanes, telecommunication and the internet, and modern medicines and surgeries have taken over the world: in the service of mankind.” To the second I answer, “a little, but not nearly as afraid as I am of natural stupidity.”

I am Mel Siegel, PhD in experimental physics and Professor Emeritus of Robotics in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. My research in robotics has focused on the design and integration of sensing devices, measurement and control systems, and knowledge-based approaches to interpretation and utilization of data, including mechanisms and theories of human-computer and human-robot interaction. With this background I can say with confidence that if robots do take over the world other than in service to mankind the blame for causing and allowing it will lie with human stupidity. The flourishing of LightPath — and similar intelligently scientifically-humanist organizations and movements worldwide — makes me feel confident that we won’t let this happen to ourselves.

If you ponder these questions and issues, and if you long to participate in exploring them with like-minded people, and in formulating and initiating effective collaborative actions in support of this positive point-of-view, then join us today. Opportunities for every level of participation — from occasionally attending one of our public events all the way up to serving on our Board of Directors or as one of our officers — are described elsewhere on this website.