LightPath Learning Center

LightPath is a center of learning, research, knowledge and wisdom focused on the universal principles of nature. We develop and host dynamic educational programs and events designed to advance human consciousness and vitality in the interface of Timeless Wisdom and Emerging Science.

The interface of science and metaphysics: Aligning what we know with what we believe, including, but not limited to: astronomy, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, sacred geometry, harmonics, physical vitality, environmental and mental sustainability, permaculture and more.

Timeless wisdoms: (or wisdom traditions) represent mankind’s deepest source of knowledge about universal principles that govern harmonious, prosperous and sustainable existence.

Timeless wisdoms reflect the universal principles observed as Seasonal Rites of Passage at each season — connecting the roots of ancestral traditions, our expanding cosmology and a new era of human transformation.

MorningStar Retreat is designed to support renewal, harmony and profound wisdom – a unique sacred space that will nurture the sense of wholeness and stimulate a profound lift in consciousness. In this special environment you may shift your relationship from chronological (linear) time to Kairos (spiritual) time to experience the continuum of nature’s energetic flow. MorningStarwill be located in our rural retreat, a naturally sustained environment of bio-diversity with active collaboration and stewardship. The retreat will be our initial building, set on sacred ground with a view of the majestic Cascade mountain range in Central Oregon..

The Planet Venus Has Been Revered For Ages As The Harbinger Of Each New Day.

It Is Also Known As The Morning Star.

Design Features:

The Sacred Geometry of the 8-pointed plan and its Golden Mean proportions will harmonize spatial relationships to enhance physical, mental and spiritual coherence.

Feng Shui will optimize the interface of subtle and physical energies.

Building ecology will integrate advanced green technologies of eco-intelligent design and engineering, including resource conservation, passive and active renewable energy, and stormwater retention. The physical environment will teach by example.

Permaculture principles, based on natural regenerative ecology, will be demonstrated in educational programs including biodiversity, integrated water resources, environmental design and construction.

Morning Star Seasonal Rites Of Passage:

The Sacred Geometry in the 8-pointed star of MorningStar provides a symbolic compass of seasonal solar festivals that will be observed in our educational programs. Visit the Seasonal Rites of Passage page for more information.


Rites of Passage
Spatial Components:

The Ground Level spaces optimize daytime program activities to enhance consciousness, mental clarity and physical vitality. Primary spaces will provide for group meetings and learning sessions, raising organic produce, cooking and dining, physical fitness and exploration of environmental harmonics.

The Second Level provides 16 bedroom suites to accommodate up to 32 participants for in-depth retreat programs ranging from a few days to 10 days – designed to offer deep rest and rejuvenation to assimilate each day’s experience.

The Third Level features a skylighted meditation loft overlooking the central atrium.

Total Building Area: approximately 14,000 square feet.


The Correlation between MorningStar and Stonehenge:

The microcosmic structures of Stonehenge and the design of MorningStar reflect significant dimensional and geometric correlations that imply a similar cosmological perspective. Stonehenge, on the Salisbury Plane in Southern England, is one of the world’s most iconic and ancient archaeological sites. As a celestial observatory, it provided early man an understanding of his world. Morning Star is designed to provide an illuminated bridge to the genius of co-creation in the New Millennium.

Imagine a week in heaven. Welcome the harmony and crystal-clear perception of your True Self — empowered and fully vitalized — here and now. The doorway to feeling more fully alive and conscious will open to your bidding in a space of inter- dimensional harmony. MorningStar, will enrich your time in retreat from the dense physical plane of duality. Here, your life experience will be profoundly expanded by timeless educational programs, celebrations, and lifestyles — elevated by the unifying spiritual energy of this harmonious environment. Let your mind, body and spirit simultaneously serve to sustain our planet on our mutual Path to Light.

MorningStar Stonehenge