Our Timeline

LightPath Educational Center was initially formed in 2016 to create an educational retreat center in the Bend area. We formed a Steering Committee, and we developed formative statements of our purpose and values.

We were later sponsored as a program of New Choices, a non-profit incubator in Waldport, OR, under the guidance of Dr. Ruth Miller.

In two years, we developed an organizational framework delineating egalitarian leadership with six teams to develop Programs, Buildings & Environments, Membership & Alliances, Financial Security, Strategic Planning, and Communications.

LightPath Organizational Structure

After two years under New Choices, we filed an application for Federal 501(C)3 tax exempt status as a stand-alone Oregon non-profit Educational Corporation. Our application was granted in 2019. We are deeply grateful for Dr. Miller’s assistance and agreement to continue to serve as a valued adviser to our Board of Directors.

In the past 18 months, we have hosted, approximately quarterly, focused educational and seasonal events in the Bend area to engage with the community and build our network. We will continue our operational functions utilizing urban facilities in Bend, and we will engage services for capitalization and marketing to support development and operations of an eventual rural center and campus.

The focal point of our planned rural center is the MorningStar Retreat building located on an ecology sustaining campus. Workshops, studios, recreation, site management, and other structures will be built as the center expands its educational services.

Under separate ownership, on a separate parcel in the vicinity of our rural center, a small resident community building may be developed by an independent group some of whom may be affiliated with LightPath.