Friends of LightPath

We Are Grateful For You

We are deeply indebted to the many contributors who play a significant role in the development of LightPath’s mission and vision and continue to be part of its manifestation.

    • Those who contribute to governance
    • Those who help with meet-ups
    • Those who prepare, cook and clean-up at events
    • All our friendly and helpful support team
    • All our donors of time, talent and money

Are you interested in helping LightPath Educational Center? We appreciate those who lend their expertise!

Here are the areas we could use your help:

    • Newsletter Editing
    • Program and Event Volunteer
    • Financial Supporter (all levels appreciated)
    • Member (invitations to participate in exclusive Programs and Events)
    • Program, Event, and Course Developer
    • Advisor to the Board of Directors (help us with your topical expertise)
    • Member of the Board of Directors (generally after having served as an Advisor)

Friends of LightPath

Provide invaluable hands-on assistance with events and outreach

(Alphabetically by Last Name)

    • Steven Ames, Specialist: Long-Range Community Planning
    • Alan Andresen, Communications and Brainstorming Consultant
    • Eli Ashley, Marketing Development Consultant
    • Joey Drucker, Community Forum Director
    • William Gregory, Visionary Poet
    • Meghann Harty, Equine Guided Coach, Rites of Passage Shaman
    • Rhett Harty, Sacred Geometry Coach
    • Sarah Hood, Member: Program Development Team, Educator
    • George Lemagie, Natural Environment Specialist in Forest Resources
    • Matthew Laughton, IT Wizard, Graphic Artist
    • Nick Lelack, Deschutes County, Planning Director
    • Suzanne Lemagie, Wellness Educator & Author/ Integrative Medicine, Master Chef
    • Jim Lussier, Strategic Planning Consultant
    • Pamela Mathews, Feng Shui Consultant and Graphic Designer
    • Karen Meece, Marketing
    • Jim Pasmore, Program Organizer
    • Lorraine Schechter, Database Development, Street-Wise Communications Consultant
    • Sara Jane Sesay, Facilitator: Program Development Team
    • Jennie Tindall, Hospitality Hostess
    • Donna Wolf, Subtle Energy Practitioner, Crystal Bowl Ceremonials, Program Development Team
    • Dick Wolgamott, Communications and Brainstorming Consultant
    • Gayle Zeigler, Social Media, Website Management and Marketing Team