The 7 Ancient Principles For Self

The Hermetic Revival

The Universe Runs On Natural Laws

Since the beginning of civilization, the wisest of us endeavored to discover the natural laws – for more happiness, meaning and control over our lives. This tradition is Hermeticism, named after its master author, Hermes Trismegistus.

This tradition focuses on Gnosis, the pursuit of empirical knowledge pertaining to spiritual mysteries. Forced underground by the wrath of the early Christian Church, these hermetic teachings were developed to experience ‘a more visionary reality.’ Known as the 7 Hermetic Laws, these teachings were found in the Nag Hammadhi library in 4th century Egypt. They were a source of knowledge and inspiration in the 15th century for the development of Italian Renaissance thought and culture, as well as the Declaration of Independence and American Revolution of the 18th century.

These principles were written thousands of years ago, before modern science verified their unusually accurate (and esoteric) claims. We can now directly experience ‘a more visionary reality’ with these inspiring principles leading to wisdom and self–mastery

1. The Principle Of Universal Intelligence

The All Is Mind. The Universe Is Mental. Spiral Galaxy
The Universe itself is cerebral. All phenomena of life, matter and energy are thoughts of the infinite and universal living mind of ‘THE ALL.’ It is described as infinite intelligence, intelligent field, and the nature of consciousness itself. ‘Energy,’ ‘power,’ and ‘matter’ are subordinate to the mind within ourselves and all things.

We experience the mental plane as thought, insight, intuition and reason.

Wisdom of this plane corresponds with the unseen, causal planes.

3. The Principle Of Vibration
Nothing Rests, Everything Moves; Everything Vibrates.

Matter, energy, and even spirit, are simply varying rates of vibration. Classic example – the 7 octaves of music, tuned up 44 octaves, becomes the spectrum of visible light. The vibrations maintain the same correspondence; the difference being only in measurement and energy frequencies. The Flower of Life, as illustrated here, is an example of Sacred Geometry. It is said to be the primal language of the universe, pure shape and proportion, an ancient symbol found at sacred sites around the world.

Thoughts have their own rate of vibration with frequency, harmony and resonance that can shape mastery of self and environment.

5. The Principle Of Rhythm

Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall. The pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Rhythm compensates.

Everything exists in measured motion, forever ebbing and flowing, never stopping, always changing. This principle controls the cycle of life and death, rise and fall, creation and destruction.

Every mental state exists in rhythm. We can use this principle to heighten consciousness and rise above the swing of the pendulum. Those with self–mastery exert their will upon this principle and purpose.

7. The Principle Of Evolving Gender

Gender is fundamental. Everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes – the fundamental characteristics of yin / yang – anima / animus all merge united within.

Masculine and feminine energies exist in all physical, mental and spiritual planes. The principle of gender plays a role in all things of generation, creation and regeneration.

The masculine principle is the assertive, progressive, conquering, and explorative energy that drives progress. The feminine principle is the receptive, sacred, treasured, protective energy that maintains tradition and nourishes life.

The Tree of Life is a symbol that represents the balance of our assertive and nurturing nature–supporting life from generation to generation in balance .

The middle path – between the extreme characteristics of the present feminine and the future–driven masculine principles – engages all seven Hermetic Principles for achieving lasting self–mastery

2. The Principle Of Correspondence
As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without.


Universal Principles
A correspondence exists between the laws and phenomena of various planes of manifestation. It allows us to deduce solutions to problems by looking at layers above and below to infer the hidden internal pattern and shadow nature. The knowledge of geometry allows us to measure the cosmos and map its movements, which is why it’s called “Sacred” geometry.

We can come to know the whole of the universe by exploring the higher and lower nature of things that surround the mystery. We also discover more of ourselves in the pursuit of empirical knowledge of spiritual mysteries.

4. The Principle Of Polarity

Everything is dual; Everything has poles; Everything has its pair of opposites; Like and unlike are the same, Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet. All truths are but half–truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.

There are two poles in every thing; opposites are really only two extremes of the same thing – all are merely our perceptions of the degree (eg: hot/ cold; light/ dark; soft/ hard; big/ small; love/ hate).

This principle suggests we can change the polarity of emotions by recognizing them on the same continuum, and choosing the degree which best suits our needs.

6. The Principle Of Cause & Effect

Every cause has its effect; every effect has it cause. Everything happens according to law and nothing escapes the law.

Nothing merely happens; there is no such thing as ‘chance’. In harmony with the principle of correspondence, higher planes dominate lower planes; nothing escapes the Principle of Cause and Effect.

The use of this principle is made by conscious choice to rise above the plane of thought to become our own Cause, rather than an Effect of circumstances. We determine what we want to manifest and take progressive action. Our initial vision and dedicated focus are the cause; the effect is deliverance